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I currently serve as the immediate Past President of Rotaract Club Berlin and a board member of the Rotary International Joint Committee for Young Leaders and Alumni Engagement. My life's work is dedicated to building relationships across generations and boarders.


If you’d like the longer version, including the part with 2011 earthquake Japan, you’re welcome to read on.

My time in Japan...

In 2008, I received an academic merit scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education to study a double bachelor of International Business and Japanese Language. During my studies, I also interned at the Australian Trade Commission in Osaka where I learnt from an exceptional team of diplomats what it meant to have two hearts, one for Australia and one for Japan. 

After graduating with a few aka, I worked for two Fortune 100 companies in Japan, co-ordinating their international assignment programs. Each time we welcome a short term assignee to their new home in  Japan, I saw what potential for innovation lies in bringing different people together. I began wondering, why such a proven method for innovation is not accessible to all business? Why was it that the innovation potential and engagement of your employees depended upon whether you had an intentional subsidiary? Surely there is an alternative. 

That was until March 2011, when we experienced the most devastating earthquake in Japan's modern history. All foreign contracts were terminated and I was evacuated to Australia.

My time in Germany...

After a complete re-orientation, I was sent to Germany as an Ambassadorial Scholar of The Rotary Foundation. I arrived in Germany with never having been to Europe before and with absolutely no German. My task was to once again promote peaceful and prosperous political, economic and socio-cultural bilateral relations but this time it was between Australia and German.

As a graduate of Australian, German & Japanese universities, I’ve learnt many lessons along the way but one stands out - our world is best discovered through people. Developing a relationship with someone "foreign" to you, be it a client, co-worker or friend, does not require a 50-50, meet me half way, mentality. It requires you to completely abandon your idea of the world and entertain their idea of the world, albeit for a moment.

Moving to Germany, the land of the 'Mittelstand' (Small to Medium Enterprise) reignited my thoughts that I had years before in Japan, "why was it that your innovation potential and engagement of your employees was dependent upon whether you had an intentional subsidiary? Surely there is an alternative." I began interviewing German business owners about their thoughts, about their challenges and hopes for the future. The feedback was that local business owners are struggling with three common themes: attracting & engaging new talent, accessing new markets and innovation through diversity.

And now...

We have a momentous opportunity to maximise the talents and gifts of a powerfully diverse world of work to develop solutions to our most complex questions.

Diversity is a powerful tool for change. Respectfully utilising our diversities is the essence of what gives our societies the courage to explore new depths and grow. Working at the intersection of what makes us different is where creativity, innovation and leadership happen.

Elevating the integrity of the human spirit in our organisations and re-humanising our organisations to create deeper meaning to the work itself. 

And together we'll:

  1. execute new business models with fresh tools and talent to support your business expanding to new or international markets
  2. share insights and strategies for your to thrive in your international career, as a Next Gen Expat.

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