international business development support for
Australia, Germany & Japan

Welcome to your personal business development support to Australia, Germany and Japan. 

I've spent the last decade studying the intricacies of these cultures and mastering their ways of working so you don't have to.

Whether you're a new business wanting to test and validate new business models or an exisiting business ready to pivot and redefine exisiting products and services, we can start today!

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Business Model Canvas Workshop

Whether you're a new business, or an exisiting business looking to innovate new processes, the Business Model Canvas can support you and your team to plan and explore complete products and services with speed and agility and all of this in a day with a pen and paper!

  • Learn the theory of the Business Model Canvas
  • Design and describe new business models
  • Innovate and pivot existing business models 

Pitch Fit Workshop

Now you've built and tested your business model, it's time to go to market. In order for you to stand out in today's market place, you need to have a compelling story. In this workshop you'll develop a set of pitches you'll be able to use with customers or investors.

  • Create a clear customer persona in oder to,
  • Design a very specific sales pitches that will
  • Make your pitch matter and your customers care


Do you want to lead a conversation in your organisation about entering international markets with stark cultural difference to your own? Or attracting and retaining international talent or clients?

View my past Keynotes & Presentations, including my TED Talk here.

Die Vorbereitungen und Absprachen bezüglich der Präsentation Ihrer Veranstaltung können wir auf Deutsch durchführen. 


It's important your event runs smoothly and your guests leave your event feeling like it was full of value and interesting connections.

I can support you in taking away that stress while you focus on connecting with your guests' company.

Die Vorbereitungen und Absprachen bezüglich der Moderation Ihrer Veranstaltung können wir auf Deutsch durchführen. 

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