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Pitch Fit
Learn how to qucikly match the right pitch to the right person and enter any business conversation with confidence.

Click on the image for the presentation in English.  Clicken Sie  hier  für die Präsentation in deutsch. 

Click on the image for the presentation in English. 
Clicken Sie hier für die Präsentation in deutsch. 


Now you've built and tested your business model, it's time to go to market. In order for you to stand out in today's market place, you need to have a compelling story. In this workshop you'll develop a set of pitches you'll be able to use with customers, stakeholders or investors.

Create a clear customer personas in oder to,
Design a very specific sales pitches that will
Make your pitch matter and your customers care


English, German or Japanese.


2 hour program.

Pitch Fit for Larger Organisations

If you're in a larger organisation, it's easy dismiss "pitching" as something for the start up world but this couldn't be further from the truth. In a larger organisation, your "investors" are product owners and your "KPIs" are your yearly goals. 

In order for your project to move forward you need identify the resources and support to make that happen and this isn't easy. Actually, the larger the organisation gets, the more difficult your job gets.

Larger organisations have the challenge that often their internal teams work in silos and therefore only think in terms of their goals. We will use a framework to help you gain the resources and support you need by presenting your idea in the words of your partner.

With the workshop, you'll identify exactly who you need to talk to in your organisation and how you need to talk to them. 


Pitch Fit for Start-Ups

The success of your pitch is entirely determined on your ability to PITCH FIT. That means, you have 5 seconds after meeting someone to be able to determine what is important to this particular person, how your business may benefit them or their network and then talk with them in a way they need to hear you.

In short, right pitch + right person = Pitch Fit.

As a Start Up you need at least 3 Pitches ready to go, all day every day.

You need a ready to go pitch for a financial investor, a potential customer and a stakeholder 24/7/365.

If you present a financial pitch to a customer or a stakeholder pitch to a financial investor, your call will fall on deaf ears. This is like presenting in Japanese to your German clients. In this workshop, you'll design a series of flexible pitches, enabling you to enter any business conversation with confidence.