5 ways your language ruins your career

Your message & contribution in the world is too important to not take seriously. The new world of work needs you to be your most creative & fearless self. Believe it or not, it starts with your day to day language.

Unnecessary Apologies

“Sorry for bothering you…”
“Sorry for the silly question…”

Why is it ruining you?
“Sorry for canceling the meeting last week” is not an unnecessary apology. However, the examples above are. Unnecessary apologies create an immediate power distance in the conversation. Your dialogue suggests that you SHOULD be sorry. Skip them completely. Start your sentence where the apology ends.

Words that reduce you

“I am just writing to….”
“I actually think…”

Why is it ruining you?
It positions you as person who distances themselves from commitment & accountability. If you can’t commit to a clear sentence, how can you commit to a new project or a promotion?

Unnecessary validation

“Does that make sense?”
“Do you know what I mean?”

Why is it ruining you?
Unnecessary validations confirm that you are not being clear. They often stem from a lack of confidence either in yourself or in your message. That’s no way to position yourself for a promotion or to a new client. Instead, make clear statements. Such as, “please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions” or “looking forward to hearing your thoughts.”

Phrases that play you down

“I’m just thinking off the top of my head…”
“I’m no expert but…”

Why is it ruining you?
Not only are you telling the world that you’re not enough, you’re telling yourself you’re not enough. You are enough. Owing your words is owning yourself.

Hiding your opinion 

“Does everyone think taking this direction is in our long term interest?”
“Could there any objections to our new campaign?”

Why is it ruining you?
Questions are powerful tools when used responsibly. You may think you’re sounding diplomatic or non-confrontational but you’re not. You’re being vague & missing out on a great opportunity to share your ideas.

Now go & share your message from the tree tops.