Change your subject line & your chance of success

“You’re from Australia?! Really?! I love Australia!” They screamed.

This reaction is not only typical but often extremely loud. And 9 times out of 10, a love story follows.

I now understand why these travelers openly share their deepest experiences within 5 minutes of meeting me. I am their bridge of connection. Not with me, of course. They are connecting with themselves. Connecting to the person who travelled to a foreign land, had those experiences and fell in love. Connecting to the person who still lives inside them, who now, doesn’t get the attention they deserve. Life happens and the traveller they were, the traveller they really are, takes a backseat while life happens.

“I would love to go back and work there. I applied for an internship but I didn’t get a response. I guess, it’s the economy.”

(Fun Australian Fact: No response, means no.)

“Did you contact them by email?”

“Yes, sure.”

“What did you write in the subject line?”

Blank stare.

“It was a few months ago, I don’t remember. ‘Internship in Australia’ or ‘Application’ or something.”

“That’s why you never heard back.”

“Where was that passion that you just channeled to scream in my face?”

If you’re applying for an internship in Australia, you’re walking a difficult path. The concept of internships do not exist in Australia like they do in Europe or Asia. This means you are not only selling yourself but you’re selling the entire concept of ‘internships.’ To further stress the situation, if you’re writing to a company for the first time, you don’t get an elevator pitch nor even a 30 second pitch. You get a subject line pitch. That’s it.

Your dream, whether it’s working in Australia or anything else in life, begins with someone, somewhere in the position to make that happen, OPENING YOUR EMAIL.

Ask yourself, “How can I offer so much value to the person on the other end of this email, that they won’t resist opening it and sharing it the entire company?

So, for the love of all things holy, CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE.

How does “Application for an internship in Australia” sound, now? This subject line does not scream dream. It screams, university requirement. Imagine if you asked, “how can I provide so much value to this company that they’ll pay to hire me?” How would your communication change?

Here are 3 examples I made them just for you, to inspire you next application email:

1. International University Collaboration: 3 month research project with German university.

2. German university seeking pro bono partnership with private industry: 12 week innovation assessment by research assistant.

3. New market analysis: opportunity for companies to participate in analysis of new markets in your industry.

Changing the subject line is only the first step in landing an internship. You’re not just doing an internship you’re building your carer. The success is in changing your mindset.

How many interns do you know? Now, how many short term research assignees do you know? To get what you want you must to be different.

I’m obsessed with work. Not in the sense that I am a workaholic, more in the sense of caring about your CAREer sense. I want to lead a happy and significant life and I imagine you do, too. I whole heartedly believe your work is your expression of service in the world. This matters because we face a lot of new challenges and we need everyone on board.

Pour your heart out.

Be vulnerable and it starts with the subject line.