It's their fear, not yours

All life changing conversations happen when you least expect it. You are usually at the kitchen table and usually with a coffee. This was no different.

“Do you think you are ready to start your own business?”
Me: “No.”
“You’re right. Take a few years to study business structures and what happens when Mr. XYZ does not get his coffee by 10:00.”

People give you advice because they think they are doing the right thing. But guess what, dictators think they are doing the right thing.

If 3 degrees in 3 countries, international assingments at fortune 500 comapanies, a government posting, scholarships from Rotary International, the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Australian Instititue of International Understanding, is not ready. When is? And what Mr. XYZ’s coffee preference will teach me about business?

Are you truly ready? Are you ever ready to start a business? Leave your job? Find out your spouse has cancer? Be sued? No.

Readiness is relative – relative to the fear of the person you are talking to.

Society made you think you’re signing up for security with huge co-operations but you know that what you’re really doing is signing out. Signing out of your own life. Signing out of doing the things that make you happy. Signing out of work that has meaning to you. Signing out of sharing your talent with the world. The world needs you to give and it’s your right to share.

You know you’re signing up because you’re scared. I am scared, too. You’re scared if you implement your idea, write your book, ask that person for dinner, that might fail. While, taking action has never promised success, it has also never promised failure.

If you’re scared and crave security, then become an entrepreneur. It just might be the ultimate form of conservatism.

You decide your life.

You decide right now.