Please, gets you ignored. Thank you, gets you noticed.

After having the pleasure of working with people from almost every continent on the planet (yes, Antarctica you are the exception), I’d love to save you the best part of a decade and share my learnings with you. It is without doubt, the intersection of our what makes us different is where creativity, innovation and leadership happens. Respectfully utilising what makes us different is the essence of what gives our societies the courage to explore new depths and grow.

While our diversity is our richness, patterns do still exist. Especially, in the world of work. There are themes, equally as true in Japan and Germany, as in Australia. When you want you to be noticed, want your work noticed or even want your brand noticed, it all begins with a real appreciation of your customers.

Please doesn’t get you noticed. Thank you, gets you noticed.

Every single person who you work with is a living, breathing, whole hearted human being with dreams and desires. They experience pain and love, just like you. You know what? They’re drowning in ‘please’ and starving for ‘thank you’. It’s not just your customers, it’s you, too.

“Please finalise your payment.”

“Please sign up for our newsletter.”

“Please send me last month’s report.”

“Please confirm the conference location.”

“Please pick up the milk.”

Your job is rarely where you spend the majority of your time. You may be a marketer and market things or may be even be an architect and architect things. However, that’s only where your work begins.

You know your real work is to empathise with how your customer feels on a level so authentic that it inspires you to create a story so resonant, your customer will trade you anything to be part of it. Your clients work with you because, above everybody else, they trust you. Rejoice! They trust you because you make them feel heard, feel smart, feel important, feel appreciated.

If you want to serve you customers and share you mission of what you’re really here to do,  like I know you do, they need you to be different. Your customers need you to take a front seat in the mind. Please doesn’t get you noticed. Thank you, gets you noticed.

Being a thank you person builds trust in you & your brand.

Being a thank you person sets the tone of your relationship.

Being a thank you person respects the your customer & their investment in you story. 

Being a thank you person enriches your customer’s experience. 

Being a thank you person encourages your customer to come back.

Being a thank you person makes YOU happier

Business used to be based on the idea that “if you do you best work, your business will be successful.” We know that’s not true. If it were, your customers would be satisfied 100 percent of the time. We know that “ensuring your customer feels good when doing business with you, your business will be successful” is true. The first step to ensure your customers feel good about doing business with you, is to acknowledge them and love them. The most actionable step to is say thank you.

Being a “thank you” person is the building blocks of happiness and relationships both for you and your customers.

I know you believe in your message. I believe in your message, too.

Thank you.